Advance Timing 4 Degrees

Increasing the timing 4 degrees on your Yamaha Blaster is a relatively easy modification and should only take you roughly 30 minutes to do. It is a very common mod in the ATV scene and many say that it makes a noticeable difference.

Before you begin make sure you have the following tools:

  • Flywheel puller
  • Flywheel holder
  • Torque wrench
  • Dremel or similar rotary tool with grinding bit

Got all the needed tools? Alright, let’s begin:

  1. Locate and unplug the wiring connector for the stator behind the frame tube next to the carburetor.
  2. Unbolt and remove the stator cover.
  3. Using the flywheel puller, remove the flywheel and keyway.
  4. Using a scribe, screwdriver, or some other marking tool, mark a line indicating stock timing location as shown below.Advance timing 4 degrees
  5. Unscrew the two bolts from the stator and remove it.
  6. Using the same tool from step 4, mark a line 3mm to the left of each mounting hole as shown below .Advance timing 4 degrees
  7. Using the dremel and grinding bit, enlarge the holes 3mm to the line you just made.Advance timing 4 degrees
  8. Reinstall the stator plate and rotate it to advance the timing 4 degrees.Advance timing 4 degrees

If you plan to complete this mod or have previously done so already, please leave a comment and let every one know of any noticeable improvements or problems you have from advancing timing 4 degrees on your quad. Source:

5 Responses to Advance Timing 4 Degrees

  • Joe Stromella says:

    I have been debating about doing this to my 96 blaster. Can I also do this on other quads?

  • Drew says:

    Ok im building my blaster so what does this do for the quad
    like does it make it faster or are the gears longer or shorter…
    did yoy think the mod was worth the job

  • miles willard says:

    i did it on my 94 blaster and i did notice that it had a little more pep than usual,
    easy mod and quick

  • Nobody Knows says:

    What exactly does this mod do/enhance?

  • Danny says:

    What it does is advance your timing guys,what that means is as the piston comes up in the cylinder for the combustion cycle it makes the spark plug spark sooner or later depending if you advance it or retard it,you will not see much gain from an unmoded blaster,but if you want to see big gains from this you need to give that advanced timing something to work for like let’s say a port job or via a head mod for higher compression ratio,basically what this does for you is give you more torque.

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