The Yamaha Blaster specifications for its all types of high-performance sport riding are as follows: A light and revved up 195 cc two-stroke engine that is air-cooled. It also delivers great torque and top end power and has a six speed transmission. It also has a super reliable CDI ignition that fires consistent spark at all PRM levels to ensure a seamless throttle response and acceleration across the wide powerband. There is also an industry exclusive Yamaha Autolube oil injection system which means that you don’t have to mix oil and gasoline. With no premixing necessary, this convenience will save time and mess when dealing with the all terrain vehicle.

The carburetor is a 26mm mikuni with resin-type reed valve induction which produces instant throttle response, for smooth acceleration. It is a light weight (324 pounds dry) all terrain vehicle to help provide easy handling. This all terrain vehicle also has a low 29.1 inch seat height which creates a quick and balanced steering and optimal rider movements. It also has a rigid, lightweight rear swingarm with 7.1 inches of travel.

Low profile knobby tires allow for outstanding traction and help sharpen the steering of the Yamaha Blaster. It also has a heavy duty front bumper that helps provide extra protection to the suspension and engine from debris and damage.

Wide plush-padded seat provides great all-day comfort and can provide easy riding convenience for even the larger sized riders. Durable serrated footrests provide excellent grip and rider comfort. Visibility is exceptional with a 35-watt multi-reflector headlight and a 5/21 watt tail/brake light. The Yamaha Blaster also comes with a 2.4 gallon fuel tank, which means more fun to be had with less filling up.

The front suspension is an independent double wishbone with preload-adjustable shocks and 7.1 inches of travel. A 43.3 inch wheelbase ensures light, super quick steering with unbeatable agility. It has the shortest wheelbase around, it is sure to be a bonus for those all terrain, thrill seeking riders. The long-travel suspension on both front and rear will tame any trail and keeps the rider comfortable, as well.

Yamaha Blaster Specifications

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YFZ-style handlebars lighten the steering while enhancing comfort, and the YFZ-style grips add extra comfort and styling to the vehicle. The all terrain vehicle also has easy access grease fittings on all of the chassis lubrication points which will simplify the maintenance of; and help extend the life of the all terrain vehicle.

Overall, the Yamaha Blaster specifications show the rider what he would expect and demand of an all terrain vehicle: a potent, powerful, and razor-sharp handling and a wonderful all-around performance. The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes allow for a better feel in a variety of traveling conditions. With the quick revving engine and very light vehicle weight, the rider has simply a super nimble, super quick all terrain vehicle that is not only comfortable and easy to maneuver, easy to ride, easy to maintain, it is ready for about any type of road or terrain that any rider could cover.

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